As a LEED® Platinum-targeted project, Dockside Green’s principles of New Urbanism, smart growth, green building and sustainable community design are all essential elements of the development plan.  The development plan emphasizes the creation of healthy and inclusive community that supports new economic opportunities and a high quality of life with minimal impact to the environment.

Dockside Green located in Victoria, Canada is on its way to becoming a pedisterian friendly 1.3 million square foot mixed use developement containing 26 buildings, housing 2500 residents, and intergrating greenways and ponds all within a 15 acre site.  It has achieved a Platinum LEED ND rating as a Neighborhood Development.  As well the buildings included in the 1st 2 phases of this 12 phase project have both recieved the highest Platinum LEED NC rating achieved to date in the world.  See the score sheets from phase 1 & phase 2.  And in the end they are striving to be greenhouse gas neutral.

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Key Facts:

  • 15-acre redevelopment area, 11.6 acres developed as Dockside Green
  • Property Cost: $8.5 million
  • Three neighborhoods, intended to be built over 12 phases in 10 years.
  • Total of 1.3 million gross square feet (73 percent of which is residential) in 26 buildings
  • Two mixed-use (office and retail) buildings to date, attracting green businesses
  • Projected total of 2,500 residents (currently over 450)
  • Dockside Green received the first LEED for Neighborhood Development (ND) Platinum-certified plan
  • 50 percent of first phase (Synergy) site is dedicated to open space
  • Synergy is highest-scoring LEED-Certified project in the world (63 points)
  • Biomass energy plant achieves reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 3,460 metric tons per year (see Dockside Green Energy website)
  • Residential units built 50 percent more efficient than code
  • Project is aiming to provide at least 10 percent in affordable rental units for people with incomes as low as $15,000
  • With water-efficient appliances, the project could save up to 70,000 gallons of public water annually, a reduction of 65 percent over similar conventional projects
  • Membrane bioreactor package wastewater treatment plant
  • Treated water looped back into buildings to flush toilets and irrigate site landscape

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